Categories Show & Shine

Rules Show & Shine

There are 9 cups to win in 9 categories.
Every competitor can win 2 cups at the most, next to ‘the Over All winner’ en ‘most kilometres to the meeting ‘.
You can vote on the FRP’s in all categories, accept in “Best Standard Puma”.

Best Standard Puma (1 trophy)
Only the exterior of the car counts, this has to be 100% standard (stickers are not allowed),
Invisible adjustments like Xenon or an open-air-filter are allowed. Also, a different radio is allowed

FRP’s compete in this contest. (because we the last years we had only one or two FRP’s at the meeting) 

Best Tuned Puma (1 trophy)
Different rims, lowering springs, different exhaust, stickers, sideskirts, spoilers ADDED to the original bumpers

Best Tuned+ (1 trophy)
Maximum adjustments: Like Tuned plus wing doors, color, airride or bodykit

Best Rims (1 trophy)
Most beautiful Rims

Best Interior (1 trophy)
For example: sports-chairs, custom dashboard, In Car Entertainment, Screens, etc

Best Under The Hood (1 trophy)
Adjustments underneath the hood

Best Woman’s Car (1 trophy)
When the car is OFFICIALLY in the posession of a woman, you can compete
The woman has to be present at te meeting

Most kilometers (1 trophy)
This cup will be awarded to the person who travels the most kilometers to the EFPM.

Overall Winner (1 trophy)

Best NON Puma (1 trophy)
Category for all cars other than ten Ford Puma, including the new Ford Puma (mk2)
Cars in this category are excluced from the ‘Overall Winner’ trophy. 

The categories are clearly defined.
We do our very best to registrate every Puma in the appropriate category.
This is done in consultation with the Puma owner.
The Puma owner has the ability to view the categories after the registration.
ONLY then there is the possibility to join the tender. Protests afterwards will not be considered.