Campsite Details

Camping de Bron is opend from 9.00h  until 23.00h.
These are the only times in which you can enter the camp-site by car.
This is not allowed outside of the opening hours. During this time you can enter the camp-site on foot.

Stayover and breakfast have to be paid to the camp-site owner.

It is not possible to arrange this through Pumadrivers.

Click here for the Camping ‘de Bron’ website

The camp-site store is opened from 8h30 until 11h00 uur and from 16h00 until 20h00.

Supermarkets nearby:
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Albert Heijn, Europaplein 1, Hulsberg
Albert Heijn, Irmengard Passage 3, Valkenburg
Aldi Valkenburg, Koningswinkelstraat 2, Valkenburg

EFPM campingsite ‘de Bron’ prices 

Puma, 1 person, tent, per night € 16,50 – 2 nights € 32,00
Puma, 2 persons, tent, per night € 23,00 – 2 nights € 44,00
Extra person, per night € 7,00
Extra car, per night € 4,50

Cabin, minimal 2 nights, 1 Puma, 4 people, per night € 45,00 
Plus Touristtax € 1,50 per person per night

Breakfast, per person € 9,00