Thursday 28 Juli;
Arrival Puma’s 
no program
Ring open; 17.30 h – 19.30 h.

Friday 29 Juli;
Arrival Puma’s 
Puma tour through the beautiful Eifel, about 65 km. Start 2.30 pm/14.30
Touristenfahrten Nordschleife ‘Ring’ open; 17.15 h – 19.30 h 
All Nürburgring info

Saterday 30 Juli
Arrival Puma’s 
Show & Shine (fact based, no user voting)
Raffle (Tombola) Ticket sale (€0,50 per ticket) from 10 am/10.00
Trip to the Nordschleife with all Puma’s (1 pm/13.00, when enough participants to go as a group)
25 Years Ford Puma suprise 4 pm/16.00
Prize draw raffle (Tombola) at 7 pm/19.00
Afterwards Award ceremony Show & Shine 

Touristenfahrten Nordschleife ‘Ring’ open; 8.00 h – 19.00 h (everybody is free to go during the weekend)

Sunday 31 Juli
End of meeting 
Nürburgring open 8.00 h – 19.0 h