Programmeren afstandsbediening sleutels

Hier vind je frequently asked questions over de Puma.

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Programmeren afstandsbediening sleutels

Bericht door pumamartin » ma 26 feb 2007, 9:18 am

Met dank aan, hier de instructie om je afstandsbediening van de Pumasleutels opnieuw te installeren:
Obviously the programming instructions for the remote from the KB is still missing. Well, now here it is:

You need:
1 Puma
1 coded key (i.e. you can start the engine with it)
1 or more remotes to program

Now do the following:
1. Put key into ignition.
2. Turn it to position I.
3. Wait about 10 seconds until the LED on the clock is lit constantly. The programming mode is now activated.
4. Turn the key back to 0 and remove it from the ignition.
5. Aim the remote towards the receiver (black cover on interior light).
6. Press AND hold the lock button.
7. When the LED on the remote lights up press the unlock button four times while still holding down the lock button. On the fourth time release both buttons.
8. Keep the remote aimed at the receiver while both LEDs (on the remote and on the clock) flash four times. The remote is now programmed.
--- repeat steps 5-8 for additional remotes---
9. To exit programming mode turn on the ignition.

The instructions are for the two-button infrared remotes.
Hier ook de de methode voor de 3-button key toevoegen (de radiografische):
For the 3 button remote the programming procedure should be the following:
1. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to position II and back to 0 four times very quick.
2. When you remove the key the LED on the clock should light up constantly.
3. Whithin 20 seconds press any key on the remote that you want to program.
4. The LED should flash now to indicate that the programming was successful.
5. To end the programming mode wait 20 seconds or switch the ignition on.
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